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Suburban Turkey Hunting

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The Ultimate Suburban Turkey Hunting Hack

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 6288

A look at suburban turkey behavior from the author of the Amazon Best Selling deer hunting book The Urban Deer Complex. Not too long ago I spent the vast majority of my hunting in...

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Introduce Kids to Turkey Hunting

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How to Introduce Kids to Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting Articles| Views: 2910

Wild turkey hunting is a perfect way to introduce young people to hunting. Unlike the often mind-numbing boredom that can accompany deer hunting, wild turkey hunting is loaded...

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Shock Gobble

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Understanding the Shock Gobble

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 18999

What does the shock gobble mean and how do we use it in hunting? I started hunting when I was about 13 years old. I can’t readily recall the first squirrel hunt I was...

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Rio Grande Wild Turkey

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Rio Grande Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia) – A Wild Turkey Profile

Turkey Hunting Articles, Wild Turkey Species Profiles| Views: 5994

The Rio Grande Wild Turkey is more than just a Texas bird.  The Rio Grande subspecies of wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia) is best known for the arid regions of the...

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bad turkey calling

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Is Bad Calling Good Enough to Hunt Turkeys?

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 11931

The short answer is, yes. But as my cousin Todd and I found out one warm April morning while competing for the attention of a tom with a rival hunter, it depends. We found...

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Do Turkey Decoys Really Work

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Do Turkey Decoys Really Work?

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 7486

A constructive look at when turkey decoys do and do not work. The simple answer is of course they do. Maybe a better way of putting it is to quote the movie Anchorman, “Sixty...

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Pot Calls

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Confession from a Seasoned Turkey Hunter – I Only Use Pot Calls

Turkey Hunting Articles, Turkey Hunting Tactics| Views: 10869

Yes, you can be successful only using pot calls. There was a time when I counted every turkey I harvested like a point on some scorecard to determine when I achieved the status of...

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deer hunting to turkey hunting

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Wait. You’re supposed to make noise?

Featured, Turkey Hunting Articles| Views: 7200

The first time I ever tried to use a diaphragm call, I gagged and spit it out. It was an involuntary reflex that triggered flashbacks to memories of my early years of Pee Wee...

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