No Cure (Dean Redbeard Mundhenke) – Official Morning Thunder Teaser

I plan on turkey hunting till I die or my lungs collapse. It wouldn’t bother me if a Gobbler causes my death. That’s the God’s honest truth.

Dean ‘Redbeard’ Mundhenke

Dean “Redbeard” Mundhenke is a legend in the turkey hunting community. Most notably known for his Madhatter Calls and his appearance in the award-winning film “The Disease”.

Now Nathaniel Maddux, the same filmmaker of “The Disease” brings the second installment to this turkey icon in the short Morning Thunder film- “No Cure”.

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Nathaniel grew up hunting and fishing in the Missouri Ozarks and began filming his hunts in 1995 at the age of eleven with a Sears VHS camcorder. Although technology has changed since then, his love for the outdoors and film work has remained the driving force behind his work. In 2011, Nathaniel launched Slate + Glass, a full-service production company. Since then, he’s worked on over 500 dierent projects.

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  • Whens the second half coming out dammit Ive watched the preview 10x’S lol

    • It will be released in April! Thank you for staying tuned. First full film launch will be a special feature on April 2nd.

      • Where can the full film be seen?


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