Our Connection – A Morning Thunder Original Film

Turkey hunting is one of the closest connections we can have between nature and our food.

Jesse St Andre is a Maine native and a true New Englander. From growing up hunting the North Country to his current stomping grounds in Connecticut, Jess brings us along on his journey of removing store-bought meat from his family’s diet. Wild turkey is among those varieties of table fare for him and his family.

Jesse explores his unique love for the wild turkey in particular. The idea of engaging a single animal in a sequence of calling right to the dinner table is one that cannot be easily summarized. It is one of the most human experiences we can have in our modern world.

“In order to get the full experience of your connection with nature and that food source, it just doesnt get any tighter than with a wild turkey . . . ”

Jesse is part of the Northwoods Collective (parent company to Morning Thunder). He serves as the R3 advisor as well as brand manager of the Urban Deer Complex. You can find Jesse all over the country hunting all sorts of new meat for his freezer. He is also a passionate trapper and gatherer, further evidence of his pure love for all things wild.

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Founder/Creative Director of Northwoods Collective. A.J. DeRosa is an American filmmaker most notably for the award-winning Project Upland Series. His first mark in the hunting industry was as the critically acclaimed author of the cult classic The Urban Deer Complex and more recently The Urban Deer Complex 2.0. A.J. has expanded a larger mission into the successful R3 vision of millennial hunters through cutting edge research and successful application across the Northwoods Collective brands. Now a passionate bird hunter you can find A.J. following his first bird dog a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Grim through the uplands with his wife Sabrina and oldest son Marty McFly.

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