Poor Man’s Elk – Official Teaser

If you can hear the spit and drumming and you can feel it in your heart. You know that they are close.

Jeff Lusk is a passionate elk hunter from Puyallup, Wash., who caught turkey fever. Now he finds himself in Missouri with rising flood waters that may put an end to his hunt. But through determination and perseverance, he brings the story home in this Morning Thunder Original Film by Nathaniel Maddux. Stay tuned for the upcoming trailer and full film this Spring.

Coming this spring: Jeff Lusk takes to Missouri to hunt turkey after catching an “addiction” some years before.

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Nathaniel grew up hunting and fishing in the Missouri Ozarks and began filming his hunts in 1995 at the age of eleven with a Sears VHS camcorder. Although technology has changed since then, his love for the outdoors and film work has remained the driving force behind his work. In 2011, Nathaniel launched Slate + Glass, a full-service production company. Since then, he’s worked on over 500 dierent projects.

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